Piece of Cake Cardigan (English)

This is a simple pattern for babies.

Piece of Cake Cardigan
Size: 3 - 6 months (9m) (12m)
Yarn: any compatible with 5mm needle/ US8
Gauge: 19stx36rows (10x10cm – 4x4”- with 5mm/ US8 needle, in garter stitch)

This sweater is knitted in one piece, and you start from the right from. CO 31 (33) (35) st. Knit every row (Garter Stitch); I don't knit the first stitch for a better edge. At 13cm (14) (16) from beginning, at the right of your work, CO 30 sts (34) (38) for the sleeve. Continue in Garter st, and at 22cm (24) (27) from beginning, cast off 10 sts (11) (12), then 3 sts (twice) - every two rows. You have now 45 (50) (55) sts. At 25cm (27) (30) from beginning, we are in the middle of the sweater. Leave those sts on hold so we can start the other front. Knit the other front in the same manner, but the opposite (this is your left front). In order to put together the 2 parts, CO 21 sts (23) (25) between the two parts and continue knitting in all sts. At 24cm (26) (28) from the stitches we cas to n for the sleeves, cast off 30 sts at each side (34) (38). Knit in garter st the remaining 51 (55) (59)sts, and, at 13cm (14) (16) from the cast off sts from the sleeves, cast off all stitches. Sew the sides and under part of the sleeves...

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